Beach Art

The Isle of Wight is surrounded by 57 miles of beautiful and varied coastline… and whether it’s sandy or rocky, it makes an enormous and varied blank canvas for… beach art!!

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No need to wait for summer as our beaches are just as glorious and far emptier in the winter. You can make your art as large or as small as you like and once you’re done, sit listening to the waves and watch the tide wash it away.

Sand Sculptures

Thanks to our friends Eccleston George, Natural Wight spent a winter’s day on the sand at Yaverland learning all sorts of ways to decorate our beaches – sand castles are fine but how about trying your hand at Sand-cakes, Sand-squiggling and… Sand-o-saurs!! Inspired by the Isle of Wight’s fame as the Dinosaur Isle, Nige George chose a plesiosaur as the model and showpiece for our Beach Art day. Island inventor Dan Roberts brought some handmade tools (mostly bits of oddly-shaped wood!) and lo and behold, Mrs P the Plesiosaur and a large but mostly inedible sand-cake were revealed…


What you will need

  • A picture of your chosen dinosaur for inspiration – or you could choose a more modern example of local wildlife like the Isle of Wight’s short-snouted sea-horse!
  • Buckets and spades 
  • A garden rake

Your own hand-made tools – almost anything will do – a flat section of wood, a broom-head etc…

Mark out the shape of your creature with a stick, then pile up the sand inside the outline to build the body. Sculpt the shape by packing the sand and patting it flat with your spade. Once you’re done, use your tools to smooth the sand around your creature to help it stand out. And then with your rake, you can fill the rest of the beach with squiggles!


Beach Pictures
You can create your own masterpiece from the bits and pieces you find on the beach. From pebbles and sticks, seaweed to bits of smooth sea-glass everything you find can be used to inspire your picture and fill your frame.

What you will need

  • A bucket to collect your finds
  • Flotsam and jetsam!

Make yourself a frame from driftwood, pebbles, shells or seaweed and then fill it with your sand painting… repeat patterns of similar objects such as shells can make a beautiful background for example.

Take a photo!
Don’t forget to avoid picking up anything sharp and take any litter you find away with you.

With thanks to public artists Eccleston George and Inventor Dan Roberts, Kathy and Rick at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Ian Boyd at Arc.

For more Isle of Wight beach art and artists, keep an eye out for the Coastal Gardener’s beach art sessions ( and the work of Eve Wolfram and Mary Flynn.