Easter egg hunt

Every Easter and often in between, Natural Wight holds an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference…

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The Isle of Wight is home to an amazingly diverse range of species, some nationally rare and some which are almost only to be found here on the Island.  Did you know for example that the flower Early Gentian grows pretty much only in West Wight?  And the Glanville Fritillary butterfly (as featured in our lovely logo!) was until recently only to be found in the UK on the Island’s south coast!
Each of the Easter Eggs in our hunt features a rare species, flora as well as fauna, that can be found on the Isle of Wight or in the sea around it.  This ‘Local Species’ Easter Egg Hunt was aimed at raising awareness of these endangered species, with the question sheet hopefully showing just how fascinating and worth our protection each of them are.  The Natural Wight Eggs have been hidden in primary school playgrounds, parks and even hostel corridors around the Island and our chosen species were the source of inspiration for our Kite Festival.

What you will need

  • Pictures of your species
  • Pens
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • String
  • Easter eggs (real chocolate ones!)

Find out what wildlife is special about where you live, choose around 10 of your favourite or the rarest species and discover a few interesting facts about each of them.  Print off two pictures of each species, one large and one small.

Cut your cardboard into egg-shapes and stick one of your large species pictures on one side of each egg.  On the reverse side, write down the facts that relate to that species.  Using the hole punch, make a hole in the top of each egg and tie a bit of string to the top.

Next, create your ticklist or question sheet.  Stick the small pictures down in a line and write the relevant questions alongside each one.


And lastly, hang your ‘local biodiversity’ Easter Eggs in hiding places all round your local park or a garden and send your friends off with their ticklists/question sheets.  Anyone who can find all the eggs and answer all the questions gets a real chocolate egg!
(Or you can download our Easter Egg hunt below)

Find out more!

Join us for our Easter Pond Pirates!
Natural Wight joins The Footprint Trust and the IW Bat Hospital in the Medina Arboretum, Newport each year for a great day pond-dipping, bat-meeting and Egg-hunting.  Watch out for dates on our Events page.

To find out more about what biodiversity means to us here on the Isle of Wight, why not visit www.wildonwight.co.uk.

And don’t miss the Isle of Wight’s annual Bioblitz!!
Isle of Wight AONB and partners hold this fantastic event in a different location/type of habitat each year.  Along with nature activities at the base camp, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how to record species.  For more details, visit www.wightaonb.org.uk or keep an eye on our Events page.