Leaf and river concertina collage books

Natural Wight ran two bookmaking workshops led by artist Ian Whitmore in which participants could learn how to make their own concertina book inspired by nature.

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“We took inspiration from the natural environment in and around Newport, walking through the Medina Arboretum and along the River Medina. We collected interesting things such as leaves, twigs and pine cones, took photos, made sketches, listened to sounds and wrote down words and animal species we saw. We stuck these things onto our paper concertinas, adding original poems and collages to make amazing, unique books.”




Why not have a go yourself using the instructions below? Your book could be about the beach, a favourite tree, or a family walk – anything you like!

How about adding extra concertina sections to make mega-long books, stick on pockets for special items you’ve collected or even add cardboard covers which you can customise.


You will need

For the book:

  • 1 x sheet A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

For decorating:

  • Pencils / pastels / pens / crayons / charcoal
  • Shaped hole punches
  • Old magazines (for collage)
  • Stickers




  1. Turn the paper on its side, fold in half lengthwise, then re-open.
  2. Cut carefully along the fold. You now have two strips (a) and (b).
  3. Fold one strip in half from right to left, then fold the top layer from left to right, back towards the first crease.
    Turn the paper over and fold the right edge to the left crease. You should have three creases.
  4. Repeat with the other strip.
  5. Flip one strip over. One should be a ‘W’ shape, the other an ‘M’ shape.
  6. Apply glue to the last page of strip (a) and neatly line up with the back of the first panel on strip (b).
  7. Congratulations, you’ve made a seven page concertina book – you’re ready to start decorating!


Useful links and downloads

Making concertina book [pdf]