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How many of your street's front gardens have disappeared under a tide of concrete?More than half of the total surface area of the UK's front gardens is hard surfacing but we can help green the grey 🌱🌳🍃🌿 ... See MoreSee Less

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We've just had a lovely surprise! Our volunteer project Green Army Isle Of Wight has been nominated (unbeknown to us and a while back) for the Waitrose Community Matters fundraiser!

We are one of the 3 green token projects in the East Cowes Waitrose right now! Waitrose's Community Matters organiser Karen said what a fantastic project Green Army is and that the green tokens were piling in!

So please head into Waitrose, make sure to look out for us and put your green token in the Green Army box!

Thanks very much to John Langley from the Campaign to Protect Rural England for nominating us - what a nice gesture! The money raised will go to Vectis Housing Association, our project host, and will help us to buy kit & things!

#GreenArmyIsleofWight #youth #nature #wildlife #conservation #volunteering #communitymatters #wildlifeworks Waitrose & Partners
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2 weeks ago  ·  

Sorry! Dodgy weather tomorrow means that we'll have to postpone our Green Army day at Quarr Abbey's woodland walk. Thanks to everyone who'd signed up - keep you posted! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

Next Green Army... back to the Abbey! Email or leave us a message if you'd like to join in (aged 16-25).Next Green Army is... Tuesday 12th March... we'll be back at Quarr Abbey with the world's largest wheelbarrows... drop us a line here, contact or speak to your project worker if you'd like to join us! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

January, February, Ningwood Common, Bohemia Bog, Quarr Abbey... Green Army's been putting the Wild into Wight!

#GreenArmyIsleofWight DowntotheCoast IW Vectis Housing Association The National Lottery National Lottery Heritage Fund The Wildlife Trusts The Common SpaceIt's been a packed couple of months over at Wild About Wight's Green Army so we're only just now catching up on updates.

Thanks to Ross, Ben and Ryan, we've helped out on three sites so far this year - each very different with a range of skills and applications.

First up, we were working on creating meanders (wiggles!) on the footpaths on the edges of Ningwood Common with the Wildlife Trust.

Another brilliant day was heading back to Bohemia Bog. We helped to kickstart the regeneration of this small rare mire habitat a couple of years ago with The Common Space. Since then, the Wildlife Trust through Down to the Coast have been able to take it even further! The digger has been in and the gorse removed, taking the bog out to double the size it was when we first saw it!

Weird, fascinating and tiny plants like insectivorious pale butterwort are so rare this work is cutting edge conservation. Small stuff but really important. We will go back in summer to take photos of these plants... never seen them before in our lives so that makes it even more of an achievement for us all.

Then last week, we were off to Quarr Abbey where we helped by mulching their woodland walk. Brilliant to have Ryan back out with us again too. Our first visit to this venue and lots of fun meeting the very many visitors to the Abbey, including woodpeckers! Back next week to finish off the second section....

Massive thanks to Ross, Ryan, Ben, Nikki, Tony and Steve at the Trust and the team at Quarr for a great couple of months!

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3 weeks ago  ·  

It's #WorldWildlifeDay today. That doesn't have to mean exotic safari species or even what you'd spot on your local nature reserve. Zoom it back down to street level and *every* day could, should and, (knowing what we know about loss of biodiversity in the UK), be wildlife day. Everyday wildlife day. That's your sparrows and starlings, slow worms and centipedes, earthworms, voles, shrews and on and on.

We can all play a part in reversing that trend that sees our streets, gardens, public spaces, office spaces, supermarkets offering nothing but a very bland tide of concrete, fence and mown grass! Everyday Wildlife Day starts on our doorstep and with us.

It's really simple to support wildife every day, right from a few plant pots at home, work or school. There's loads of info out there but if you need any pointers, give us a shout. Most of these pictures were taken in a small street garden the size of the concrete car ports also pictured.

#everydaywildlifeday #everydaywildlife #celebratingwildlife #concretetide #rewilding #wildlifewhereyoulive #wildlifeonyourdoorstep #wildlifewhereyouwork #worldwildlifeday #wildaboutwight #TheCommonSpace #biodiversity #biodiversitybeginsathome!
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3 weeks ago  ·  

Sandown Bay, on the sunny east of Isle of Wight, is a brilliant venue, classroom, auditorium and theatre for exploring the natural world from modern day wildlife to its distant fossilised past. The Discovery Bay calendar, run by The Common Space & a whole host of partners, is there to help people unlock all that wonder, be inspired by their environment and keep coming back to explore for themselves!

First up, is celebrating British Science Week on Sunday 10th March. More details in the poster attached and on the events page.

#BritishScienceWeek #BSW19, #BSW2019, #DiscoveryBay, #SandownBay, #IsleofWight, #Science, #Nature, #Wildlife, #Ecology, #Bayology, #BecomeaBayologist #TheCommonSpace #ShapingBetterPlaces #community #coastalteams #coast #coastalcommunities #profitsforpurpose #wildlifeonyourdoorstep #lifelonglearning #natureinspiration #microscopy #supersizespecies #goWildAboutWight
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3 weeks ago  ·  

A whole year of our Wild About Wight art including ceramics has formed an absolutely brilliant community exhibition in the West Gallery at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight.... bringing the East of the Island to the heart of the Island!

Around 100 people came along for the exhibition launch on Saturday including many of our community artists... pictures here for you! Each of our workshops throughout the 12 months is displayed, showcasing different places, wildlife and wildspaces, streetscapes and seasons too. The special soundscape and displays of ceramic textures created throughout the project can help remind or introduce you to East Wight through hearing and touch too especially if you're partially sighted.

It was a really happy and fun celebration of an excellent project and it's on til April 20th. Our pictures here don't do it justice so make sure to go in and immerse yourself... and leave a sketch of your own!

We'll be planning more wild art workshops so watch this space...

Thanks to all our artists, Hannah George, Babs Gowan, Caroline Underwood, Ian Whitmore, Carol Jaye and soundscaper Chester George, Georgia and the team at Quay Arts, participants, volunteers, locations and supporters, and to our funders Down to the Coast and National Heritage Lottery and special thanks to host organisation Vectis Housing Association.

#WildAboutWight @quayarts #art #nature #wildlife #heritage #towns #streetplants #wildflowers #greenspaces #woodlands #artists #communityart #painting #sketching #ceramics #DowntotheCoast #Vectis #housingassociation #IsleofWight #Biosphere
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1 month ago  ·  

So far this season, our Green Army have been volunteering in Ningwood Common and Bohemia Bog (updates coming soon!) and next, we're off to a heritage site, Quarr Abbey to help the estate management team there - interesting day out! So if you're aged 16 - 25 and would like to come along, email!Roll up Roll up! Green Army Tuesday 26th February!

An unusual location for Green Army's next session - we're off to Quarr Abbey, near Ryde, to help their estate management team with a path laying project!

It's a beautiful, historic site and the Abbey is a proper East Wight wonder so we'll make sure to save some time during the day to take a look around. This is a more managed area than we're used to, with allotments, walled gardens too and so it's also great opportunity to take a look at horticulture too.

From 10am - 2pm with lunch, tools, wellies and gloves provided... all you need to bring is yourself (in scruffy clothes!).

For more details or to let us know you're coming, email
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1 month ago  ·  

Here's what we came across today on a Sunday walk in Sandown Bay... wildlife past and present.. a rare find for this part of the Island is this Scorpion spider crab and not far away, a large piece of fossil...a very old ammonite!

Which reminds us... voting closes for the Countryfile awards at midnight tonight! If you haven't already voted for Sandown Bay and Bembridge... now's your chance!

#DiscoveryBay #100millionyearsofwildlife #coastal #marinelife #wildlife #isleofwild #wildaboutwight #isleofwight #nature #fossils #ecology beyond #twominutebeachclean
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1 month ago  ·  

Launching tomorrow, folks!‘Wild About Wight’ exhibition opens 2pm Sat 16th Feb in the West Gallery! Come along and check out this incredible community project - 12 months of workshops with artists and local communities exploring the built and natural environment of the East of the Island. This exhibition celebrates all that is great about our beautiful Island and seeing things a little differently! Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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